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Recognizing the challenges that kids have in particular communities, and specifically those communities that are low- income, inspired me to run the bill.
I am passionate about all children being provided with a top quality education that is differentiated according to their needs because I believe an education has the power to transform lives. I believe supporting and retaining quality teachers, principals and staff is paramount to all children receiving an excellent education.
— Veronica Nolan, School Board, Alexandria, VA
There may be nothing more crucial to sustaining our civilization than properly educating the next generation. I strongly believe a quality education should be guaranteed to all children regardless of where they are born or who their parents are.


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Candidate Profile

MY Kelly Gonez

Kelly Gonez is running to represent Board District 6 on the Los Angeles Unified School District (“LAUSD”) Board of Education because she knows there is so much more we need to do to ensure all children get the great education they deserve. She is an experienced teacher, policymaker, and lifelong advocate for children and families. Kelly first served as a geometry teacher at an LAUSD high school. She was a 6th grade science teacher from 2011-2014 at a middle school in District 6. As a teacher, Kelly helped her students to achieve dramatic academic gains. While teaching, Kelly served as a community organizer for President Obama’s re-election campaign in Nevada and advised board members of the LAUSD Board of Education on education policy. In 2014, Kelly was appointed by President Obama to serve as an education policy advisor. She secured over $50 million in additional education funding while leading the Obama Administration’s advocacy for special populations.